A brief update on hybrid electric cars

Benefits of hybrid electric cars and selection tips

These hybrid electric cars are also called hybrid electric vehicles or HEV in brief. Many car owners are actually contemplating buying these vehicles the next time they need to purchase a car. Their main plus points which top over the gasoline powered engine favors include that the hybrid electric cars are a lot more budget friendly and also much tidier. These vehicles also have a maximum mileage competency over the gasoline powered vehicles. The car engine can be stopped and restarted automatically and this feature works wonders in busy highways and congested places. It saves the driver of putting the car into gear and kicking the engine into ignition.

A brief update on hybrid electric carsHave you also thought of the fact as to what can happen if you are stranded in heavy traffic with no movement whatsoever? In a regular car, the mileage is wasted as the engine keeps running but with the hybrid cars which run on electricity, the energy is saved to a great extent. A minimized amount of grid power is used by these vehicles as compared to other cars. It saves you much money on your electricity bills and petrol costs as well. As far as budget is concerned, there are several costly vehicles in this category but you can find cheaper cars too which suit your pockets. So you should see more shops for buying the best kind of automobiles before making the final choice. The features, seats and colors should be seen and compared to many cars before selecting just one among then.

Types of vehicles

These are just some of the types of hybrid electric cars which are given below and the general hybrid car class category.

1.     Series hybrid cars

If you want to travel a short distance, a series hybrid car is the perfect choice for you. An electric motor is used to operate this type of vehicle. But the batteries which are onboard are charged by the internal combustion engine. If the batteries are not charged, the vehicle will not function properly.

2.    Series parallel hybrid cars

This kind of vehicle has both the gasoline as well as the electric mode and can be made to choose between the two of them. Both technologies work equally well and when one power is exhausted, the other can be switched to.


The hybrid cars have become huge hits as far as the automobile market is concerned and this is true of the hybrid electric cars as well. Reading this article must have given you some updates on the hybrid electric cars and the next time you need to buy one, keep the choosing criteria in mind.

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