How to choose best hybrid cars?

If you would to go for the best hybrid car, you should have access to fresh information. There are various versions of hybrid cars. There are cars which can deliver hybrid features to the full potential extent. There are budget versions as well which will save you lot of money. If a car is labeled as hybrid, there will be more expectations from consumers. Hence, some cars are presented without the ‘hybrid’ tag even though they have capability in this direction to certain extent.

Hybrid Cars 2013The best cars in 2013

You can settle for the best hybrid cars 2013 after going through the product reviews. Buick LaCrosse is the four cylinder 2013 version launched by General Motors. The model comes with eAssist technology. The cost was kept down by installing small and inexpensive lithium-ion batteries. The car can be categorized under the ‘mini’ hybrid.

There will not be sufficient power through the mild hybrids. It is difficult to proper the car for few yards in all electric modes. The electric mode is used to augment the existing power. Gasoline will be the default source of energy. The energy will be generated continuously through the gasoline. Honda Civic Hybrid comes under this category.

In case of strong hybrid versions, series, parallel or combination of series and parallel will be used. There will be sufficient number of electric motors and powerful batteries which make the car run in all electric mode for few yards. The stop-start technology will be helpful so that fuel can be saved efficiently. As you go for high quality hybrid cars 2013, you will not contribute to environmental pollution.

Other powerful options

Start-stop technology was perfected with hybrid versions. With its great success, the technique is being implemented in normal cars as well. There will be 3 to 10% increase in fuel efficiency. You can find auto stop-start option in Ford Fusion SE launched in 2013.

The hybrid versions will go for either Lithium-Ion batteries or Nickel-metal hydrate batteries. Even though these batteries are not energy efficient, it is possible to use them for plug-in purpose without any issues.

For plug-in layouts, Lithium-Ion batteries are widely used as they are very durable. More and more new conventional hybrid models are using these batteries. The batteries are part of the emission system. They should last for either 8 years or for 100,000 miles. The standards will be different if California emission standards are implemented.

The basic power train mechanism should be modified if the car is cruising on electric motor or it has to stop at stoplights. By stopping the engine at traffic lights, it is possible to increase the efficiency of the car. Instead of depending upon hydraulic power for power steering, electronic power steering is invented. In fact, the EPS has become a norm for regular family cars as well. Porsche has experimented by retaining the hydraulic steering and implementing the remote electric pump. Thus, excellent feel of the steering is well maintained. There are cars where electric driven air-conditioner systems as well.

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