Should I Buy a Hybrid Car?

Hybrid chargingWill the Money You Save on Gas Make Up for the Added Sticker Cost?


What is hot in today’s society in terms of purchases and buying patterns? Apparently, the hybrid car. Are we making progress? Are we moving towards a world where we purchase vehicles that are more practical or more friendly for the environment? Buying a car is a tough decision, simply because of the cost and the fact that this product is theoretically supposed to last a few years. Is a hybrid the right decision going forward? I am intrigued.

Cost of acquisition

The problem here is that cars are expensive, and some of the hybrid models are very pricey. Therefore, buying a hybrid vehicle is about making a long-term commitment without knowing where this market will go in the future. Saving money on gas is very tempting, but this is one of those situations where you have to spend money in order to make money. There are certainly tax incentives that are designed to help with the purchase of certain models. However, those incentives can’t offset the cost of a car payment.

Aesthetics and practicality

Thankfully I am not that concerned about aesthetics of certain hybrid vehicles, because some of them are not particularly attractive. The challenge is that some of these vehicles are not very large, and this can be hard for a household that is larger than a single or a couple. There are larger vehicles that are still technically “hybrids,” but when you crunch the numbers you discover that the increase in mileage does not necessarily offset the sticker price of the vehicle. This has to be a practical decision, as well as an altruistic one. Some vehicles appears to be a hybrid in name only.Hybrid car dashbard power mades

One step closer?

As much as a hybrid is appealing, I can’t help but feel like we as a society are still tethered to the gas pump, and that worries me going forward in terms of cost-cutting. Yes, some hybrid do very well on small amounts of fuel, but given how people drive in today’s society, I have to assume that some of that efficiency is lost on the highway. Therefore, should I pursue a hybrid or take things a step further and think about an electric car? Obviously the electric car comes with its own set of questions, issues and challenges. However, buying the car of the future is about actually getting something that is different than what we have done in the past.

Tough money decisions. They aren’t going to get any easier.

One can get savings by choosing the Honda Insight over the Honda Civic, and the same can probably be said of American cars.
Certainly not all hybrid cars are worth the price tag, but there are a number of resources that can help you determine if they are. For those of you who are unsure if the eco-friendly models compare in comfort and drivability, test drive one to see if they’re right for you. I was surprised after having test driven a Prius just how cool the car really was. Happy hunting!

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