The top notch 2011 hybrid cars

The best hybrid cars of a specific year

Given below is a list of the 2011 hybrid cars which you can see and choose for yourself.

1.     Ford Fusion Hybrid

Among the top notch 2011 hybrid cars,  this one is definitely worth a mention. It has a driver’s seat that is 10-way powered  and headlights which are operated automatically. More of the glossy and superbly technological features include keyless car entrance and power operated windows. The wheels are of seventeen inches and there  are splendid six speaker stereos for the music lovers who enjoy their favorite tunes and trills while on the driving move.

The Top Notch 2011 Hybrid Cars2.    Lexus RX 450H hybrid

This superb vehicle has found its way easily among the car glossary of the best 2011 hybrid cars. It made its foray into the vehicle industry at just about the right moment when fuel costs were rapidly rising and emissions needed to be lowered. It has some wonderful specifications which include a passenger accommodation of five people and also a 132 mpg gas mileage. There are two pairs of passenger doors and the body style is decorated in sports mode. The engine kind is of both electric and gas V6.

3.    Toyota Prius hybrid car

This superbly enhanced model is the third best selling among the hybrid cars. It is far superior to its predecessors in terms of technological gradation and driving prowess. It has a four cylinder engine which has been enhanced from 1.5 liters to 1.8 liters. The electric motor is of thirty six kw and the horsepower is from one hundred and ten to one hundred plus thirty four.

4.    Honda Insight Hybrid

The Honda Insight hybrid is one of the best 2011 hybrid cars which has spectacular features.  It has climate control system which is operated automatically and remote controlled car entrance without a key. Although price wise it is less costlier than the above mentioned car but it is not as spacious either. The backside can prove to be a bit of a squeeze. The audio system is marvelous with AM/FM/CD and has as many as two excellent speakers. The seating fabric and upholstery is superbly innovative. The steering control is of tilt and telescoping system.


These are some brief updates for the 2011 hybrid cars which have been provided here in this article. Each vehicle is different in terms of budget price, features, make, model and the works. So the next time you wish to buy any of these cars, keep these tips and features in mind.

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